Mariano Gorodisch: „Don’t invest all your money in Bitcoin“

Unfortunately, there are two types of people who give cryptology a bad name. First, con artists and thieves use crypts to keep themselves from being traced. The others are the people who just tell newcomers to spend all their money on crypts, looking to exploit their ignorance. For this type of person, Mariano Gorodisch, sentences that „do not invest all your money in Bitcoin“.

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Mariano Gorodisch and the saving tips
Before listening to the Bitcoin System person’s opinion and arguments regarding the issue of cryptomoney, it is necessary to know it first. For this reason, we begin the article by explaining who Mariano Gorodisch is, known for his saving advice.

Gorodisch is a famous columnist in Latin America, particularly in Argentina, known for his participation in „Economía y Consumo del programa Amanecer“ every morning on Channel 9. He is also recognized for his books, such as „More than 70 ways to make the most of the macrarian economy“. Finally, he is also recognized for his activity in social networks, especially his Twitter and YouTube channel.

His specialty is economic analysis, allowing him to make predictions and offer advice to people. His strength is focused on providing support to optimize savings, considering income and financial activity. It should be noted that Gorodisch has some affinity with cryptomonies, because they are the new trend in investments in technology.

Beware of Bitcoin

Returning to the beginning of the article, with respect to the sentence „don’t invest everything in Bitcoin“, it refers to the need to be careful with crypto currencies. He explains this in his new video, entitled „Why Bitcoin Can Be Your Worst Investment“, by Mariano Gorodisch.

He divides his commentary into two strong arguments, which we have set out several times here in Crypt Trend.

First, that cryptomonies, particularly Bitcoin, are very volatile, causing you to have a lot of money one day, and to „lose it all“ the next. Thus, investing large amounts of money can be dangerous.

Their second argument is that you should pay attention to where you invest your money, with reference to the platform. In this sense, he states that there are people who invite others to invest their money in cryptosystems from their platform or reference. This causes novices to invest their money unconsciously, while someone is generating passive income without investing anything. In this way, the novice investor is taking all the risk.