Aptos Network Update: Gas Fees Reduced, Daily Transactions Surge

• Aptos recently released Move v1.3, a new update that includes several features and improvements to the network.
• The update has led to a decrease in gas fees, resulting in an increased number of daily transactions on the network.
• However, investors are still awaiting a bull rally for APT despite these positive developments.

Aptos [APT] Move v1.3 Update

Aptos [APT] recently released its new Move v1.3 update which included several features and improvements to the network such as global storage independent of accounts and robust multisig account v2 functionalities. This has resulted in a reduction of gas fees by up to 100 times, leading to an increase in daily transactions on APT’s blockchain.

Decrease in Gas Fees

The new Move v1.3 release has seen a tenfold reduction in gas fees for 90% of transactions on Aptos‘ blockchain and execution gas usage being lowered by up to 100 times. This decline in gas fees is helping the blockchain register an increase in daily transactions since it was first implemented.

Increased Network Activity

Thanks to the reduction of gas fees, there is now an increased number of daily active addresses and also daily transactions registered on Aptos‘ blockchain as per Artemis‘ chart data. This indicates that the blockchain is witnessing improved activity levels since the implementation of its latest update with users opting for lower transaction costs when sending assets across different accounts or nodes on the network.

Investors Awaiting Bull Rally

Despite these positive developments, investors are still looking forward to APTs bull rally as market indicators remain bearish despite its declining price last week by nearly 3%. As such, it looks like they will have to wait a while before they witness any significant increase in price or market capitalization for Aptos’ native token APT.


Overall, Apto’s recent Move v1.3 update has brought about numerous changes that are beneficial for users including decreased costs associated with using its platform along with other features that could potentially drive further adoption and growth for it going forward