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WORKSHOP - How to make good decisions in politics?

Following workshop primarely addresses experienced and young scientists, MSc and PHD students:

WOKSHOP on "Looking into the "black box": Decision-making in and between public organisations" or "The difference between normative and empirical models of decision making"

on June 21, 2013
from 10 AM to 2 PM
in Potsdam-Griebnitzsee (Campus Uni)
in room 3.06.S22

The workshop was jointly designed between colleagues from the departments of Public policy and Administration and Earth sciences. The main objective of the workshop is to give insights into the limits and perspectives of good geogovernance. More details are given in the pdf.

Please, make sure to register at Thurid Hustedt <Thurid.Hustedt@uni-potsdam.de>

We assume that the workshop provides an excellent opportunity for further discussions on geomonitoring and making decissions in the environment sector.