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The main activities of PROGRESS

PROGRESS examines scientific questions about the emergence of global natural hazards and the impacts of climate change. In addition the network attempts to provide solution approaches in technological and political terms, to better understand natural hazards and assess risks in order to derive possible courses of action. A major emphasis is on the cooperation between geosciences and political / administration sciences, whereby in the transdisciplinary field of geo-governance, new solutions for improving the availablility of scientific information, its evaluation and implementation in political decision-making are being developed.

The main activities of PROGRESS:

  • Geo-Monitoring
    The development of more precise observation systems for improved process understanding.
  • Hazard and risk analysis
    To estimate the probability of catastrophic natural events and their damage potential.
  • Information Transfer
    To enhance visualisation and communication of sound knowledge and known and unknown uncertainties.
  • Prevention
    For an understanding of institutional decision-making processes and an effective interconnection of research and political administration.

Die vier Themenbereiche und Umsetzung der Forschungs- und Technologiestrategien