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Objectives and Performance Areas

Against the background of globally increasing georisks and climate hazards, a research and technology network for natural hazards, climate change and sustainability (PROGRESS) is to be established.

In collaboration with universities, non-university partners as well as with partners from industry and administration, new synergies between internationally recognized research and training skills and technological know-how in the areas of geo-monitoring, hazard and risk analysis, information transfer and prevention management are to be established. This is to be supported by pooling previously scattered core competencies into a trail blazing and internationally visible research and technology platform.

PROGRESS does not just claim to further develop scientific and technological areas of cutting-edge research in the field of natural hazards and georisks, but also to unfold their market orientation, efficiency and sustainability.

In addition to the expertise of the geo-sciences, the excellent skills of Potsdam’s political, economic, social and media sciences are, above all, to be integrated into PROGRESS. The aim is to provide politically active parties in collaboration with decision-makers and other partners from authorities and government bodies with insight gained on natural hazards and risks including their social forms of processing and any possible solution approaches in a custom-tailored fashion that is also appealing in its media presentation.