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PROGRESS is presenting an informal event to present outstanding research topics of the consortium in a poetry slam-like competition.

The PROGRESS Science Slam will have presentations from all research pillars of the PROGRESS consortium. It is therefore an ideal opportunity to get a nice overview about the PROGRESS topics. In addition, the event is organized in a complete unofficial/ informal atmosphere. During the event, there is the opportunity to have some drinks, some snacks and of-course a lot of conversation with the PROGRESS affiliates.

Please, don't hesitate to join the event

on January 26, 2012

at  Pub à la Pub
     Studentisches Leben e.V.
     Breite Str.1
     14467 Potsdam
click here for map)

starting at 5 PM

for detailed info refer to: Nikolaos.Gianniotis@geo.uni-potsdam.de



Jörn Krug                   -        "Media in Progress"
Henriette Sudhaus     -        "Earthquakes seen from Space"
Lucas Kämpf              -        "The imprint of flood events in the diary of Lake Mondsee"
Kristin Vogel               -        "3 little pigs"
Boris Prahl                 -        "Gone with the wind"
Kira Rehfeld               -        "Nature always breaks ranks"
Till Sterzel                  -        "Dear coastal cities"
Luis Costa                  -        "Sharing a cake to prevent global warming"
Hannes Bathke          -        "Volcanoes! We are watching you!"
Frank Günther /          -        "The Polar Bear from Côte d'Ivoire"
Paul Overduin
Patrick Köthur            -        "Finding the needle in the haystack and related problems"
Nikos Gianniotis         -        "Visualising data via the bottleneck"