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PROGRESS cloister meeting, Nov 23-25, 2011

An internal PROGRESS meeting will take place between Nov 23 and Nov 25 for in BAD BELZIG, approx. 50km away from Potsdam in the guesthouse Springbachmühle (see link).

The meeting is designed as a combined workshop and get-together. There are three major questions we would like to answer at the meeting:

(1) What are the particular results of the PROGRESS research streams and which research strategies have been particularly innovative and successful?

(2) Where are lacks of knowledge and expertise and how can we better strive forward to solve the remaining research questions?

(3) How could we optimize research in our groups and our interdisciplinary cooperation?

Additional info will be distributed via email. Please, contact the PROGRESS coordinating office, if you wish further information. A detailed program can be found here.

Download of relevant reading materials (PDF only):

(1) McNie, Elizabeth C., 2006. Reconciling the supply of scientific information with user demands: an analysis of the problem and review of the literature. ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & POLICY 10 (2007) 17-38 (download)