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February 15-29, 2012: Philippine scientists visit Potsdam for training in flash flood forecasting

Scientists from the Philippines' National Institute of Geological Sciences (NIGS) visited the University of Potsdam for a two week training on flash flood forecasting. Their stay was supported by PROGRESS funds.

In December 2011, the tropical rain storm Washi caused a disastrous flash flood on Mindanao, the southern island of the Philippines, with a death toll of over 1000 people. In the aftermath of this catastrophe, the government of the Philippines entrusted the NIGS with the implementation of a flood warning centre (FloodNet).

The Chair of Hydrology and Climatology (Institute of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Potsdam) supports this process with tools which are being developed in PROGRESS. These tools encompass e.g. Open Source software for hydrological modelling, processing of weather radar data and hydro-meteorological data management. "This training workshop is an opportunity for both the NIGS and the University of Potsdam", says Prof. Axel Bronstert, Chair of Hydrolopgy and Climatology. "It would be a good thing if we could continue in contributing to this effort. I think we can also learn a lot in implementing our tools in an operational environment."

Foto Quelle: Reuters